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Team Conflict

Describe a time when there was a conflict within your team. How did you help resolve the conflict? Did you do anything to prevent it in the future?


- mention date, time, place and your role that time

- mention a very specific case of team conflict(mostly work related)

- explain the problem in details

- how did you involved on the conflict

- how did you resolved it

- how did you do to prevent such a case

Answer:  In the year 2022,  when I was working as software developer at Aeria Games, there were a team conflict regarding the work. We needed a feature urgently and one of my team member did some very basic code without any test coverage even everything hard coded. 

When I reviewed the code, I wrote on the review the we need al least minimum code coverage and we should not use hard coded value. It will create technical debt and for long term that is not good. But the code was not that big to write the code.